Dear Students and Teaching Staff 
I am pleased to be a member of the Harran Faculty of Education since 05.01.2016. This happiness is further enhanced by the continuous growth of our faculty and the gradual expansion of our academic-administrative family. You all know that our basic strategy is to enlarge our numbers numerically and improve quality. With the support you give to this strategy, we continue to grow by adding three new episodes to our faculty, which consists of three parts. Again, with your valuable contributions, we have earned graduate degree programs with thesis and non-thesis programs. You are well aware that we have also developed this numerical growth simultaneously in scientific terms. In this regard, we will make continuous physical and technological investments, provide participation support to foreign and domestic congresses and seminars, and raise international competitiveness by carrying out international journals.
So first of Sanliurfa province, region, Turkey and we are moving towards becoming an educational institution that will serve humanity finally. We will continue to serve you with the scientific-artistic activities that we have created and organized by educating well-trained teacher candidates at the undergraduate level in the educational case of our country, improving the quality of the existing teachers at the graduate level.
I am willing to be a university and an education college that is as experienced as a young man and a student of a thousand years, and I am giving you all my respect and affection.

Prof. Bürhan AKPUNAR