Harran University Faculty of Education was established by publishing in Official Gazette with the decree numbered 26597 dated 29.07.2007. The main aim of the faculty is to train qualified teachers and trainers for each stage of formal education.
Our faculty serve with 8 departments in 2017-2018 education year. These;
Department of Educational Sciences
Department of Fine Arts Education
Department of Basic Education
Department of Mathematics and Science Education
Department of Computer and Instructional Technology Education
Special Education Department
Turkish and Social Sciences Education Department
Foreign Language Education.
Our faculty;
-School Teaching 2008-present
-Resim-Business Teacher 2008-still
-Music Teaching 2008-still
-Faculty Teacher Training 2008-continues to attract students.
-Dikab has received students from 2008-2011.
-Dikab (İ.Ö) 2011- (Once) students had been taken.
-Mathematics Teacher Training 2018-2019 60 students will be accepted for the semester.
-English Teacher Training will take 60 students for the 2018-2019 Education and Training Period.
Our mission
A person who takes on the responsibility of collecting, being sensitive to nature, recognizing his / her role in the social and educational development of his / her occupation, professional competence and ethical responsibility; perceived as a form of life that is constantly developing; scientific thinking and working style; to educate teachers and academicians who think publicly, think creatively and critically,
To develop learning environments in which students can discuss educational problems, produce solutions and express themselves freely,
To create an environment that considers the social responsibilities, cares about the quality of the academic studies, is open to interdisciplinary approach, shares information, carries out academic criteria in its evaluations, supports productivity and creative thinking,
To create a physical and technological environment that facilitates access to information, communication and interaction among students, academic and administrative personnel,
It is to ensure that all academic and managerial activities are carried out in an honest, open, democratic and participatory manner.
Our vision
Contributing to the production of knowledge through theoretical and applied research in the field of educational sciences; to educate qualified educators who are concerned with the education problems of the society on the basis of education rights of individuals, respect for equality and human rights, developing solution proposals and pioneering in the determination of policies in this direction; is to be a faculty that shares the knowledge and experiences of all public and private and non-governmental organizations and individuals in national and international level.

Number of Undergraduate Students
Female 452
Male 242
Total 694
Number of Pedagogical Formation Program Students
Female 820
Male 641
Total 1461
Number of MBA Students
Female 3
Male 37
Total 40

Number of MS Students
Female 6
Male 24
Total 30
Master (Thesis) 5 of our students are foreign nationals
Ph.D. Student: -
General Total Number of Students: 2225
Number of Academic Staff: 47
Number of Administrative Staff: 11